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Mike's portrait

Mike gerle.


my unique setting


When you walk into my space, you’ll experience soothing music, subdued lighting, and a sexual charge emanating from the wall of BDSM toys with a St Andrews cross anchoring the corner of the room. You’ll feel wall to wall gym flooring caressing your feet throughout. A bathroom and shower are stocked with clean white towels; all available as part of any session.


My massage table is set up in the center of the play space with clean sheets and scent-free Biotone massage lotion. A mirror is strategically placed to capture the view of what’s happening during the session.


My space is quiet and charged with the energy of yoga classes, BDSM sessions, and of course, sensual & erotic massages.


Pull up to the call box, get buzzed in by me, park in one of the eight visitors spots, and take the elevator up to my condo. Super easy. So discreet and secure, you most likely will not see another person. 

Back Massage


Be held and nurtured with confident, masculine, loving energy


Yoga & meditation

Enjoy a naked twist on a 5000 year old practice. 



Use your sexual energy, breath, vocalizations and attention to sensation to touch bliss.


bdsm /Fetish

Do you hear the call of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism (BDSM)?


My massage session is a unique experience based on what most men (in my considerable experience) really want, a real massage with an easy & honest erotic connection.


We start with a hug at the door, an undressing ritual, and another full body, skin to skin, naked hug before you get on the table. 

This is an opportunity to have every inch of your body caressed, stroked, and explored. I'll ask if any part of your body is off limits and then proceed accordingly. I will read your body language, encourage you to breath and to make sounds. I will use that information to ease up when needed, remain in an area that is loving what's happening, or increase the intensity when you want to be pushed. 

Our goal is to have your body, your mojo, and your spirit, worked over, released, and revitalized. 

I will stretch your hamstrings and hips.


Mutual touch is part of the experience. I'll use my whole body to work on yours, and prostrate massage is available for men who enjoy it. 


Yoga & Meditation

Though focused attention on your breath, your postures, and your overall well being, I will guide you on your own personal journey to uncover the perfection that already exists inside you. We will work together in partner stretches, eye gazing, and encouragement. 

I’ve used my knowledge as a certified yoga instructor to create a class for men like you, men who are not all that flexible, but still ready to have their body, heart, and spirit opened up and liberated by the 5000 year old ritual of yoga. 

For me, yoga is a moving meditation, a fully embodied form of prayer. It is as intimate as sex, as expansive as the universe, and as rejuvenating as a tear-filled belly laugh with a best friend.

Practicing naked confronts society’s pathologization of our sexual nature. Our nakedness provides us with a concrete method to harness the joy of our bodies and our sexuality.

Yoga & Meditation
Pro Dom BDSM & Fetish

BDSM & Fetish Sessions

My playroom is a sacred space for transformation.


Just like yoga, meditation, and massage, time spent practicing BDSM is time spent connecting with your true self, with another person, and with the One Love of the Universe. 

I'm not promising you'll see God during our session, but it's certainly possible that you'll have a transformative experience. 

BDSM choices are endless, so we will need to have a short (15 min) discussion to determine what fetishes will serve your transformation. 

My specialties include:

  • Dom/sub protocols (forms of address, headspace, ritual) 

  • Flogging

  • Spanking

  • Edging  

  • Electro Stim 

  • Bondage

  • Accepting sub service (boot/sneaker licking, $tributes$, dungeon cleaning, oral service, etc.)


I also enjoy teaching guys who are new to being Dominant. I'm a switch and enjoy having you use what you've learned on me. 



Yoga & Meditation
Pro Dom BDSM
Phone / Text
60 minutes = $200
90 minutes = $275
120 minutes = $350
60 minutes = $175
ASK (approximately $275 per hour)

about mike


Welcome to the world of GerleMen.


I help fellow gay men embrace pleasure as a gateway to physical, emotional, and spiritual bliss. 


As modern gay men, we often settle for the delights of physical pleasure without considering the opportunities in front of us to also enjoy the other available delights of the heart, mind, and spiritual connections as well. 


I know, through my own 40+ years of sexual experience, that we can leverage our crotch-centered magnetism and use it to fuel our personal sense of well being, to create honest, bonded, connections with other men, and to touch the Divine that exists in us all. 


You’re on this page for a reason:

  • You might be horny and need a sexual release that you can’t find on a hookup app or with your primary partner. 

  • You might have tension in your body that needs some physical manipulation for it to be released. 

  • You might have a desire to be held and nurtured with confident, masculine, loving energy.

  • You may hear the call of bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism (BDSM). 


Why not have all? 


I provide a dedicated, sacred space, built with the deliberate intention of holding transformative experiences for men who are willing to take the risk of asking for what they want, knowing they might not get it. Physically it’s a BDSM playspace. Energetically, the space is an adult, man-space, meant to stimulate your root chakra (the one about safety and identity) and move that energy up through all your chakras, including your sexual, heart, and crown chakras so that you become one with whatever it is that you consider “God”. 


I’m not promising you’ll see God during one of our sessions. I’m just saying that it’s a definite possibility. I can open the door and coach you. It’s your work to walk the path. 


Creating space for men to open up and ask for what they really want and then guiding them through that experience is what I offer. Using massage, breath-work, vocalizations, stretching, and a whole lot of love and sexual energy, I will guide you and hold you as you release what needs to be released and energize what needs energized. 


Pull up to the call box, get buzzed in by me, park in one of the eight visitors spots, and take the elevator up to my condo. Super easy. So discreet and secure, you most likely will not see another person. 


Mar 11, 2022

I have to say, one of the BEST massages I've ever had! So nice & welcoming! Mike is so easy to communicate with & directions to his place very easy! Parking was a snap. Great place! Love his strokes & pressure. Kept moaning the entire time! He "stretched" me into positions I didn't know I could get into!! In the end, omg! I felt like a million bucks!

I will SO be back! Thank you SO much Mike!

Simply the BEST! ❤


Feb 23, 2022

This was, guns out, hands down, one of the very best massages I have ever had, it just gets better. Everything about the experience was top-notch—even with a small power outage, the welcoming setting, ambiance, the ease of making an appointment…then there is Mike His technique is perfection & he is also an incredibly handsome and genuinely kind and personable guy. His photos cannot do him justice! Seeing his arms and guns on me, I felt like I had a true life, outer-body experience by the end of the hour.


Feb 18, 2022

I was left impacted! Mike is a kind-hearted and handsome man. His pictures are right on. He ushered me into an electrifying experience that left me relaxed, fulfilled, and incredibly honored. He was truly connected to me throughout the session, stretching me and bringing me to a sense of total surrender. Just incredible!


Feb 11, 2022

My experience with Mike was absolutely GREAT. He looks just like his pictures (only hotter) and his space is immaculate, well laid out, and his table was very comfortable. Prior to the appointment, I communicated my preferences as to what I wanted included in the massage and what sensual aspects that he might include. He exceeded in both his massage skills and his incorporation of sensual aspects throughout. I highly recommend him.


Jan 12, 2022

Mr. Mike curated a completely personalized and tailored experience for me; He took my initial request & thoughts, and ran with it. He knew intuitively exactly what i needed & wanted - it was like he was in my brain. And the experience itself was beyond my expectations. Will definitely request another session.


Dec 15, 2021

I never had an experience the way I was with Mike. So inviting, charming, and gentle... even when I was in my head a lot, he made it seem everything was okay and that I was the priority at that time and moment. His space was immaculate.

Also, he made himself available for my schedule, he was on it.

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