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4 Hands 4 You
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Hello brother!

I'm Mike (on the left) and this is Ian (on the right) We enjoy making you feel good.


It's our honor to knead, stroke, hug, and push your limits of what you thought a sensual/erotic massage could be. Report to these two seasoned body coaches for a full body inspection. Expect to have every inch of your body explored and given the attention it deserves. Expect to feel your spirit rejuvenated by our kind hearts and sense of humor.


Expect the unexpected.  

Available standard options: 

  • Clean & unique setting

  • Heated table (in colder weather) 

  • Hugs

  • Undressing ritual

  • Jockstrap clad and/or fully nude masseurs  (your choice) 

  • Full body spa quality massage

  • Body to body contact

  • Lingam Release

  • Perineum massage 

  • Deep and long massage strokes

CONTACT (text only):

Mike  323.207.0017

Ian     310.902.2538

Silver Lake
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