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DM3S Party

Welcome to the Dennis & Mike - Sweet, Sexy, and Slutty (DM3S) party! 

You have been invited to this party because of your exceptional attributes in the three areas of Sweetness (you are kind, empathetic, and compassionate toward other people), Sexiness (you are hot), and Sluttyness (Slut: a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you. -The Ethical Slut) All three are required to attend.

Our intention for this party is to host a select group of our favorite fuck buddies for an evening of cuddles, laughter, buttfucking, and more at our kickass loft in Silverlake!


Location & Directions


4111 W Sunset Blvd #333, 90029

PARKING: There is usually some street parking available, but we do recommend using rideshare.


NOTICE. The callbox code and apartment numbers are DIFFERENT.

1. Enter 323 at the callbox. We will buzz you in.
2. Stay on the same floor/level as the entrance gate.
3. At the fountain, turn left.
4. After the elevator, turn right.
5. Apt 333 is the 1st door on the right.

What to Wear & Bring

Wear: Jockstraps and harnesses are encouraged. Fully naked is always good. Just wear something that makes you feel sexy.

Bring: Some booze if you're drinking and Gatorade or something similar if you're not...drinking.


8:00 PM

Doors Open

- The doors will only be open between 8 pm and 9 pm.

9:00 PM

Doors Close

- You must arrive before 9pm. After 9 pm, your hosts will give their guests the attention they deserve. We will NOT monitor our phones to buzz people into the building after 9:00 pm.

- Brief icebreaker. This is a chance to say hi and let your fellow 3Sers know how they can help you have a perfect night.

9:00 PM - 12:00 MIDNIGHT

Play Continues

Do what comes naturally for sweet, sexy, and slutty men. Say hello to old friends. Learn some new names. Explore each other's likes and dislikes, and then proceed accordingly. 


Optional: Movie/cuddles/food Movie TBA

This is an opportunity to wash your hands, grab some lasagna, and cuddle up to one or more of the guys you've been sharing lube with.

Other Things to Know

White plastic bags will be available to store your street clothes.


Please prepare your body for your favorite activities. If you need a touch-up, there is a hose in the dungeon bathroom.

Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the condo or within the gates of the entire property.

Weed smoking is okay inside the condo.

We plan to host up to 20 men.

Exclusive Party

We’re setting some boundaries. 

You have been invited to this party because we find you exceptional in the areas of Sweetness, Sexiness, and Sluttyness (3S). 

There are no “plus ones” at this event. 

However, if you’d like to have a friend join the party, contact Dennis or Mike. You will be asked to vouch for your friend’s 3Sness and will be responsible for his behavior during the party. 

Poor behavior by anyone will result in their name being taken off future guest lists along with the person who vouched for them.

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